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About Me

Writing was always a passion of mine. From creating short stories on my home computer as a child to showing keen interest in creative writing in school, then refining my written ability in essays and reports through university — writing was always my favourite way to communicate my thoughts and feelings, and I had the great fortune to be naturally apt in the area.

Always striving to pursue what would ignite the most passion, I made a choice to study design and fashion after school, and only kept writing as a hobby and something that I would occasionally flex my skills in. I had made what I thought was a final decision on the matter until a job opportunity after I graduated from my Degree in Contour Fashion drew me back in.

Now, having experienced the immense pleasure of writing as part of my wider career within fashion, intimates, and beauty, I know that this is the area in which I not only perform best, but also derive the greatest sense of fulfilment from.

Outside of work I enjoy attending various conventions as well as cabaret, concerts and festivals. I love new experiences and opportunities to expand my knowledge with massive interest specifically in travel, food, culture, literature, and film. I am endlessly fascinated by human sexuality, relationships, and expressions of desire and so this is often the basis for blogs I write for personal enjoyment. It is this interest in learning that has pushed me to study Korean Language, travel whenever I can, and attend cookery, pottery, and cocktail mixing classes in my free time.

My previous work experience has gifted me with the knowledge of subjects surrounding sexuality, fashion (especially intimates), music, beauty, and events. As these are all things that I believe are critical to our culture and society, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to learn about them deeply and with the benefit of varied perspectives and the input of experts in these fields.

How this makes me better in my work

As well as being a naturally creative thinker, it is my thirst for knowledge and desire to learn and grow my own perspectives that make me a better writer. I throw myself into opportunities and will work tirelessly until I feel I have learned and gained everything I can. I have unique perspectives to offer and am always willing to take on board the thoughts and perspectives of others. I am also design minded and have experience writing critically about design which assists in me bringing life and dimension to my writing.