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The Ultimate Shapewear Guide

Made with stretch fabrics which combine Spandex, Nylon, Elastane, and Polyamide to ensure comfort and flexibility while also giving the garments the strength they need to feel supportive and controlling, shapewear uses this unique formula for compression to gently sculpt your natural shape. So, what does shapewear do to your body? With the use of these stretch fabrics, shapewear uses smart panelling and tried-and-tested silhouettes to gently compress sections of the body for a smoothed look. Thi

How To Spring Clean Your Skin Essentials

A lot of us are on top of ensuring that the use-by dates on our food, medicines and other perishables are adhered to for our wellbeing, but there are plenty of us who forget to pay that same attention to our beauty or skincare products without realising the risks. While it’s easy to forget to check the date on your favourite mascara, moisturiser or sheet masks (especially if they still seem to be working just fine), many of them have ingredients which will become less effective or more irritatin

Our Guide to an At-Home Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Spa Day!

The season of love is upon us and whether you’re celebrating your love for a partner, the love you have for your friends, or even just self love, an at-home spa day can be a cost effective and completely cute way to spend your Valentine’s Day! We’ve picked our top tips for creating a true spa vibe in your own home which you can modify to meet your needs, budget and time frame! So, whether you’re planning to pamper yourself before a big date, spend an evening on self-care, or have a day for your

New Year, New Skincare Attitude!

When the time comes to embark on a New Year, there can be a lot of external pressure to change yourself, overhaul your whole life, and be a better person no matter how hard that seems (or how cold it is outside - we’ll be skipping the 5am run, thanks), but we’re here to remind you that small changes every day whether you start on the first or somewhere around mid-March can have a huge impact, especially when it comes to your skin. Rather than suggesting massive changes you can make to your routi

The Hollywood Browzer Beauty Holiday Gift Guide 2022

The holidays are a time for giving whether you’re wrapping up gifts for loved ones or just giving yourself extra TLC and we’ve got the essentials to make both just that little bit easier! If you’ve felt stuck for ideas and don’t want to go for bath sets and socks, we’ve got the gift for every price range and potential recipient covered (or wrapped up, rather!) with our four top holiday picks listed below!

Eco Friendly Wheatstraw Hollywood Browzer

Perfect for… That secret santa or stocking fill

Halloween Skin Horrors (& How To Avoid Them!)

Halloween Skin Horrors (& How To Avoid Them!)

We love a good scary movie and we’re fans of getting into the spirit of Halloween, but that sentiment doesn’t extend to our skin which we’d rather keep horror free! We’ve identified the most common skin complaints relating to Halloween, especially for those of us that will be dressing up and doing our best makeup looks, and we’ve compiled the tips you need to avoid them. Read on for our skincare tricks and treat yourself to happier post-holiday skin

How To Find The Best Eyebrow Shape For Your Face (And Perfect It!)

Over the years we’ve seen a variety of eyebrow trends come and go with a massive back and forth between opting for a more minimal, arched or curved look like the trends of the 50’s, 70’s, and 90’s or opting for the more natural and grown-out looks of the 60’s, 80’s, and present day. While these trends can be tempting (some of us are still paying for the crimes committed with tweezers in the 90’s and early 2000’s), how can you know that a brow is really going to work for your face and be the most

An Interview with Lori from Bud to Bloom | Disability Pride Month

We here at Fleur of England make it our mission to empower women unconditionally. We want women everywhere to feel confident and beautiful in our pieces regardless of their race, regardless of their sexuality, regardless of whether their expressions of gender align with their assigned sex at birth, and regardless of their size or shape. Our mission is to help everyone to appreciate and embrace the divine feminine. And, as we celebrate Disability Pride Month this July, we were thrilled to have th

Reasons to Embrace Your Natural Skin Tone

The sun is finally out again and many people are rushing to the lounger and preparing to defrost from arguably the longest winter ever. As a certified ginger I am already stocking up on SPF out of necessity (Lobster-girl is not a vibe) but there are other reasons people strive for their "perfect shade" and this is something I believe is worth talking about as summer fast approaches.

Worldwide the issue of skin tone, colour, and complexion is something that is socially relevant both historically

How to Care for Silk and Delicates | Clothes Doctor

We all want to take better care of our lingerie and nightwear and, while caring for silk and delicates may seem like a hassle and it’s easy to think that throwing our delicates in the washing machine won’t do much harm, at Fleur of England want to offer our advice on how to quickly, easily, and effectively take care of your silk garments and delicate luxury lingerie pieces. It really can be as straightforward as your other laundry.

While regular detergents may not immediately damage your delica

How to Shop to Save the World

As we approach Earth Day, sustainability is a topic on the lips of many as conversation about how to best save our planet reaches a peak. There is no denying that environmental conservation is something that people everywhere are working on and we’ve seen some awe inspiring solutions. But, with a rush of information circulating our screens from documentaries, advertisements, articles, podcasts, and even the occasional message in a group chat, it can sometimes feel like a full time job to be envi